Inveraray Castle, Scotland (by Son of Groucho)

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A Turntable Friend, 1990

Alice Bag and Pat Morrison at the Hong Kong Club photographed by Ann Summa, 1979

after missing the bluebells and the vaselines, i actually went and bought young marble giants tickets! 

i’ve also found an 80s night that might be interesting, but i’m not sure if i have enough sway over my new colleagues to get them to come out to an 80s night. 


Image found on Lovers of vintage fashion, music, illustration, ads and the old way of life

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Melody Maker - March 20, 1993

Huggy Bear on the street and in your hearts


Einstürzende Neubauten ‎– Kalte Sterne (1981)  EP

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The StranglersJJ Burnel, 100 Club Soundcheck, photo by Garry Coward-Williams, July, 1976

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Tom Tom Club - Tom Tom Club (Cassette)

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pressler-morgan - you’re gonna watch me (1979)

twisted, twisting piece of art-punk weirdness from peter laughner’s ex wife charlotte pressler. released on pere ubu’s hearthan records. i’m happy to say i own this one.


Flipper, Adolescents, Wasted Youth @ Vex